Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Our Last Supper

Now, I can't speak for anyone else but remember, I am not flying solo on this journey. Some days, I do venture out into this vast world alone, but there are many times when there is an accomplice who is doing just as many bad things as I am.

All those lattes... yeah, they're not drinking themselves and I'm not drinking them alone.
All those eggs and french toasts and bacons... yeah... yum. I wasn't alone. Just sayin'.

In the beginning... we planned our last supper.

We ate snacks and treats all day. We planned a huge meal at a nice restaurant and thought, "This is a nice way to end our last major meal day." We ate appetizers and entrees, shared all the little goodies we had ordered and looked forward to digging into.

We brought home the leftovers and Harley really enjoyed all the extra, flavourful steak. My guts were so full, almost uncomfortably so. Actually, they were overstuffed and a little bit pained. I needed a lot of water.

Then my dog got sick.

Then I got sick. One friend texted and said she was awake all night, sick. Then another friend texted, saying she was awake, sick.

Our last supper was poison.

Our best intentions, our wonderfully-thought-out send-off meal simultaneously made us want to never eat again as well as eat another meal to make up for what we lost.

I decided... that last supper didn't count.

Cheating already, and I hadn't even started yet.
And yep, I wasn't alone.

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