Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Health Quest

You might remember me from such stories as Pipe Dreams or even the ones about Try Club, and those were some fun adventures, some real jamborees. But Seriously, I'm Just Sayin', this Health Quest has been a real circus so far.

A couple of years ago, one of my friends told me I was fat and was probably going to die because of my actions, and that I ate too many cheeseburgers and chicken wings. I disagreed with the burgers and wings statement, but she signed us up for Triathlon training anyway. What a shitshow. We got kicked out of stuff, bled over some stuff, nearly drowned, messed up runner schedules, fought with the trainers, nearly died from the spin bike experiences, and basically just treated Tri Club like a big party. What we did not do was compete at any event or even do all three sports together at any given time. I am not even sure why we did it because we still ate cheeseburgers and chicken wings. And donuts. And pizza.

So, about a month ago, another friend of mine told me I was fat and probably should start a big diet with her. Well, I'm not skinny by any means (by the way, if you are offended by 'f' words, you probably should have stopped reading this blog at the title), and I didn't get my body by eating salad. However, I don't mind trying stuff, but I'm not in a desperate way to change myself. I like my body, and I like eating. But I like challenges, too, especially if they are fun. And this one is going to be fun. Then we roped in another friend of ours, so now all three of us are on this Health Quest together.

If things change for the better, sweet. Most likely, "things" (aka fat and stuff) are going to migrate around my body so I won't weigh less, I'll just look different. It is what it is.

During August, my mother's blood pressure went up and now she is on medication for it, and that is kind of scary. So I decided, if I am going to start a new type of diet, then I'm going to start up on the exercising, too.

I bought a treadmill and a spin bike.
Back at 'er, I guess. Gonna get my "Try" on - again.

I started measuring my heart rate and glucose levels. My glucose rate is awesome, but my heart rate is low, super low, like an elite athlete's heart rate. Now I mean, I know I was in Tri-Club and all, but that was "Try-Club" for me and Jenny... it didn't turn me into an elite athlete... not even a regular athlete. So I have my work cut out for me because that heart rate isn't perfect, given all the variables.

Sometimes, I'm just given'er on the treadmill, feeling like I'm running a marathon, and my heart rate is 68 bpm. I just want to rip those little heart rate monitor arms right off.

Then I look at the calories indicator, and think "How much longer would I have to work before I could eat some chicken wings?"

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